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The Dead Sea Active Minerals - SPA care series is based on the aromatic oils, minerals and natural elements that exist in the Dead Sea in the highest concentration in the world. These elements are: magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron. The perfect combination of aromatic oils, minerals and natural elements from the Dead Sea constitute the unique complex of the Dead Sea Active Minerals - SPA series. This unique complex contributes to the following: natural aromatic fragrance, natural moisture for dry and rough skin, promoting the intensive rehabilitation of skin texture, rubbing and deep nourishment. This results in fresh and clean skin with natural vitality.
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1 Body Oil Green Tea
2 Body Oil Tangerine
3 Body Oil Amber
4 Body Oil Vanilla Coconut
5 Body Soap Green Tea
6 Body Soap Amber
7 Body Soap Tangerine
8 Body Soap Vanilla Coconut
9 Body Lotion Amber
10 Body Lotion Green Tea
11 Body Lotion Tangerine
12 Body Lotion Vanilla Coconut
13 Bath Salts Green Tea
14 Bath Salts Vanilla Coconut
15 Bath Salts Amber
16 Bath Salts Tangerine
17 Body Scrub Tangerine
18 Body Scrub Green Tea
19 Body Scrub Vanilla Coconut
20 Body Scrub Amber
21 Aromatic Foot Cream with Shea Butter
22 Aromatic Hand Cream with Vitamins A+E

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