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A skin care series for oily skin combines the benefits of Dead Sea minerals and the therapeutic ability of natural components. Natural Skin Therapy balances the skin and gives it a smooth, healthy and radiant look.

Dead Sea Minerals are renown for their ability to accelerate natural therapeutic processes and renew the skin. The minerals also help the skin to renew itself as well as give it a radiant look.

Eucalyptus extract: Effective as a very strong therapeutic product, which relieves allergic reactions of the skin and contributes to preserving the skin’s natural look.

Green Tea extract: Accelerates the skin and tissue rehabilitation process. It is a rich source of anti-oxidants, and contributes to protecting the skin cells.

Propolis: Used as a disinfectant and healing substance for wounds in ancient civilizations. Today, propolis is known as a therapeutic substance and disinfectant. The amino acids contained in propolis increase the production of albumins essential for tissue construction and skin preservation.

Carrot seed oil: Rich in natural vitamin A, accelerates the cell renewal process and helps to prevent wrinkles. The unique formula of other oils, Ylang Ylang, Eucalyptus and Cypress, balances oil secretion in skin, and serves as an efficient therapeutic substance, contracting the tissues, as well as calming and refreshing the skin.
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