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A natural reserve of vital minerals and elements developed for millions of years in the lowest place on Earth - the Dead Sea. Scientific research has proven that the natural concentration of minerals in the Dead Sea gives your skin unique health and cosmetic benefits. One cannot get these benefits from any other natural component. The beauty secret of Dead Sea products is found in the effective combination of 48 minerals, generating a perfect and absolute natural care component. The minerals absorbed in the skin encourage cell renewal and help to eliminate the harmful effects of age and environment. The Dead Sea Active Minerals AQUA MARINE care series is based on the combination of marine sources (BIO MARINE) and Dead Sea minerals, which visibly influence the skin, contribute to its health and growth and supply it with moisture, vitality and a radiant look.
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1 Facial Moisturizing Serum
2 Nourishing Night Cream
3 Moisturizing Day Cream
4 Eye Cream
5 Facial Peeling
6 Rich Beauty Mask
7 Facial Toner
8 Eye Make-Up Remover
9 Cleansing Milk

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