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Premium skin care series for mature skin suffering from the signs of aging. The products in this series contain a rich complex of active Dead Sea minerals that preserve and improve the skin's texture, while increasing its ability to absorb facial care products and retain moisture.

Argireline ® lessens facial muscle movement and relaxes wrinkles. Sea algae nourishes and adjusts the skin’s moisture level and imparts elasticity and smoothness to the skin. Components of the complex are effectively absorbed by the skin and contribute to strengthening skin growth. The Anti Aging Repair Complex series prevents the premature aging of skin, improves appearance within a short period of time, and imparts a new liveliness and vibrancy to the skin.
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1 Balancing Relaxing Facial Toner
2 Purifying Cleansing Gel
3 Rejuvenating Peeling Cream
4 Nourishing Facial Mask
5 Eye Make-Up Remover
6 Moisture Treatment Cream
7 Nourishing Beauty Facial Mask
8 Nourishing Repair Night Cream
9 Day Moisturizing Cream SPF 15
10 Repair Treatment Serum (for normal to dry skin)
11 Repair Treatment Serum (for dry to very dry skin)

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