About Us
Welcome to a new and exciting premium line of natural health and beauty products. Skincare products formulated from the rejuvenating minerals of the Dead Sea combined with plant extracts and aromatic oils.
RENEW Cosmetics is operating since 1987 in manufacturing and marketing of Dead Sea products with its emphasis on export. Beauty products from the raw, natural elements of the Dead Sea have enormous healing and therapeutic properties. Today we have customers and representatives from all over the world.
The premium products that Renew exports and distributes are made of high quality natural ingredients. None of our products are tested on animals.
Our skilled staff at RENEW is proud to announce the capability to meet your needs suiting your individual private label specifications. Let our experienced team help you develop winning, profitable products under your own private label.
We offer your company:
  • Ready made formulas, extensively researched and developed according to the market requirements. The formulas are successfully proven to be effective and beneficial.
  • Concept development and packaging design. Products will be packaged according to the customer's specifications and/or budgetary needs. Renew has a broad collection of the highest quality conceptual, professional packaging.
  • Manufacturing and production are under the strict approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health and according to FDA and INCI standards. No animal testing, 100% natural.
  • Competitive prices: Our policy is to provide attractive prices for the highest quality product
* Samples: due to the large number of sample requests we will ship samples for free only to wholesalers who provide business name, address, and business phone number.

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